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We have 57 unique projects for Valtra. Each one include all kinds of Valtra custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Valtra make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Valtra (57) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

ValtraT2557.4TDI271hp / 980nm2023Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_1_5_0 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraS3948.4TDI405hp 2022Bosch EDC17CV41ACX240569D P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraT1957.4TDI195hp 2022Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_1_5_1 ACX348523A 5275754096kb
ValtraAgroPower8.4TDI360hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV44909342 837092876 ACX26701102048kb
ValtraN1554.9TDI155hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_151 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraS3748.4TDI370hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV44837092876 P909V320 5111892048kb
ValtraS3748.4TDI380hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV44837092876 ACX267011A 5111892048kb
ValtraT1747.4TDI174hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_150 ACP0428480 P898V3404096kb
ValtraG1254.4TDI132hp / 520nm2020Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_151 ACP0428480 5275754096kb
ValtraL157.4TDI- 2020Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_1_5_1 ACP0428480 5275754096kb
ValtraLjungby-L96.6TDI231hp 2020Bosch EDC17CV41ACP0428480 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1544.9TDI161hp / 660nm2020Bosch EDC17CV41ACP0428480 P8980000 527575 Tier54096kb
ValtraS2638.4TDI295hp 2020Bosch EDC17CV44909342 837085971 5111892048kb
ValtraT174EA7.4TDI175hp / 850nm2020Bosch EDC17CV4121343004C01 P8980000 527575 Tier54096kb
ValtraT2307.4TDI230hp 2020Bosch EDC17CV41P8980000 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1144.9TDI- 2019Bosch EDC17CV41P898V340 ACP0428480 5275754096kb
ValtraN1344.9TDI145hp / 620nm2019Bosch EDC17CV41P898V340 ACW9578060 5275754096kb
ValtraN1754.9TDI201hp / 990nm2019Bosch EDC17CV41P898V340 ACW9578250 5275754096kb
ValtraS3548.4TDI354hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV415T0T6S ACX2405710 5275754096kb
ValtraT1747.4TDI174hp / 740nm2019Bosch EDC17CV41ACP0428480 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraT1747.4TDI175hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV415R4R3R2R1R0R 837093349 5275754096kb
ValtraT1957.4TDI211hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV41ACX348524B P1736_151 5275754096kb
ValtraT2147.4TDI214hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV4121343004C01 P898V340 527575 Tier54096kb
ValtraT2347.4TDI234hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV41P8980000 ACP0428480 5275754096kb
ValtraT2347.4TDI235hp / 930nm2019Bosch EDC17CV41P8980000 ACP0428480 5275754096kb
ValtraT2347.4TDI249hp / 980nm2019Bosch EDC17CV415T0T6S P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraT2558.4TDI250hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV41ACX348529A P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraHR46X6.6TDI- 2018Bosch EDC17CV41837093841 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraT2147.4TDI185hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV41837093363 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1134.4TDI110hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV41A338BJ P1300_2_3_1 ACW95780804096kb
ValtraN1134.4TDI111hp / 520nm2017Bosch EDC17CV41ACW9578050 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1144.4TDI122hp / 570nm2017Bosch EDC17CV41837093361 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1554.9TDI165hp / 940nm2017Bosch EDC17CV41P1736_140 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraN1744.9TDI165hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV4124T1S3U P898V340 5275753072kb
ValtraS2948.4TDI295hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV41ACP0428480 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraS3948.4TDI380hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV411037527575P8980000 P898V340 5275754096kb
ValtraT1446.6TDI155hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV4121343004C01 1037527575P8980 5275754096kb
ValtraT1937.4TDI190hp / 680nm2017Bosch EDC17CV540281020170 9093422048kb
ValtraT2037.4TDI200hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV44P909V300 909342 837085937512kb
ValtraT2347.4TDI250hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV41P898V340 ACW9577850 5275753072kb
ValtraN1244.4TDI124hp 2016Bosch EDC17CV41RC33SC P1300_2_3_0 8370939054096kb
ValtraT1564.9TDI156hp 2015Bosch EDC17CV44P909V300 909342 8370859252048kb
ValtraA1344.4TDI130hp 2013Bosch EDC17CV411037527575 P8980000 5275754096kb
ValtraA1344.4TDI130hp 2013Bosch EDC17CV411037527575 P8980000 5275754096kb
ValtraN1434.9TDI154hp 2013Bosch EDC17CV44837085921 P909V320 5111892048kb
ValtraN1634.9TDI160hp 2012Bosch EDC17CV44909340 N163D512kb
ValtraS3528.4TDI335hp 2012Bosch EDC7UC3187730119 P43422 Y281S01434 EEM-S3022048kb
ValtraS352ACM-8.4TDI335hp 2012Bosch DCU15837072667 P911C023 507004832kb
ValtraS352ACM-8.4TDI335hp 2012Bosch DCU15B4499770011 GP911APL1062 507004896kb
ValtraS3538.4TDI356hp 2012Bosch EDC17CV44B0C4D9D 909320 837078796512kb
ValtraT1536.6TDI155hp 2012Bosch EDC17CV54P909V320 837085930 5111892048kb
ValtraS2948.4TDI294hp 2011Bosch DCU15B4499770011 497091004C 396979512kb
ValtraS3228.4TDI322hp 2009Bosch EDC7UC31837078485 Y281S01434-V2 P43422 EEM32048kb
ValtraSegaDora6.6TDI- 2008Bosch EDC7UC310281020099 837072810 877301192048kb
ValtraT1206.6TDI- 2005Bosch EEM29CE997619D6 S9030000FC T120-8050512kb
ValtraT1906.6TDI190hp 2005Bosch EEM29CE997619D6 248760488 836869379512kb
ValtraT1306.6TDI130hp 2004Bosch EEM29CE997619D6 EC066294 836869379512kb
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