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Order processing

Out site provide a list of solutions that can be found in catalogs of passenger cars / trucks and tractors.

1. Basic price is file modification Stage-1 or SCR off, full order can be calculated by press on proper line.
2. Any order or question require full information: make, model, engine, power, year and current DTCs.
3. If ECU not listed or there no tested solution, we can offer to develop modification up to your demand with several test files to flash and report result.
4. After order you will have a page that show current process and possible actions. Please note that Yahoo, Hotmail and Outlook post servers not able to receive our answers - than just use another e-mail or contact at Skype.
5. Our working time: 6-16.00 @ UTC-0. Orders after 13.00 @ UTC-0 can be moved to next day, if not enough time to process it.
6. Time of answer depends on current load, usually up to 2-4 hours to pass a line and up to 1-2 hours to send required solution.
7. If you need files ASAP, than choose urgent work with extra payment +25% - and you will get a file in 1-2 working hours after payment, even if regular line is closed.
8. Weekend file service also possible, but can require double time to answer.
9. While order under review, you can cancel it at order page.
10. Payment required via payment systems (automated with Volet / Binance - user verification required), crypto currency (USDT, ETH, BTC, LTC) or PayPal / cards (in USD +5% processing fee).
- for new users: after order confirmation, file will come into work after payment;
- for regular customers: payment at file downloading, when it ready;
- for test files: with discount -50%.
11. Payment notifications is not required, all automated - just refresh order page to see result.
12. If order completed with success - than it moved to archive in 1 day. Same page will offer to download invoice for your company.

Terms of using

All information and files provided for personal work with one particular case.
1. Any work require proper tools to write files, make diagnostic, reset and read parameters of ECU (counters, timers, soot / ash, sensors, etc).
2. We do the best to make your order safe to work longer as it possible. All systems outside of order list will work as on stock, only related DTCs can be disabled.
3. For writing should be used same tool as read this file at this time.
4. After writing: connect scanner to check DTC and working parameters (Soot / EGT / Diff pressure), clear all and save picture before and after erase.
5. In case of any problem contact support with information: file name that used, DTC and parameters you get from scanner. We will do the best to solve your case during next working hours.
6. Further using of files with another vehicles is not under guarantee.
7. We do not learn how to work with ECU or software and don"t make any remote connections.

Guarantee and refund

All services provided with guarantee up to 10 years on made changes! If file will show any issue included order list - we will fix it for free.
1. DPF Off guarantee: no faults in flashed unit about particulate filter, no regeneration and limp mode after reset by scanner.
2. EGR / TVA / Flaps Off guarantee: no faults about actuators, no flow control and limp mode. Not all kinds of ECU allow to disconnect EGR, if that strictly required - ask in order comments.
3. SCR off guarantee: no faults in flashed unit about SCR / nox / urea / tank sensors after reset by scanner. If vehicle show ACM faults - it not under guarantee, if made single ECU solution and ACM not reflashed.
4. Tuning guarantee: power gain with parts wearing close to stock.
5. Not under guarantee: faults in other units or about other parts, scanner problems for reset counters and DTC, ECU damage or wrong checksum by tool, 3rd party modifications of file. For tuning - single performance test without comparing to initial state.
6. Refund of order can be in 10 days from payment and if guarantee conditions 1-4 not achieved on next updates.
7. Additional work:
- first 10 days from from order - just price difference;
- after 10 days payment will include difference in price + extra 20% for renew a files.