Valtra file service DPF EGR AdBlue SCR off
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Power remap for Valtra08.04 Valtra T174 7.4TDI 2020

Valtra remap file service with disabling DPF EGR SCR off

We offer tested file service for Valtra with tuning Stage-1-2-Eco or deleting of DPF / DOC / EGR / SCR with ACM reflash and any diagnostic trouble codes disabling up to your case.
Default price is Stage-1 Eco tuning or SCR / AdBlue off, any other options can be calculated by click on proper line. Files to check can upload on next step, any order need to pass a line before reviewing and confirmation.
All emission control disablings are selective and contain only related DTC, other systems will work as on stock and can show own fault codes than can be repaired or fixed in additional update.

Select another make :
MachineEnginesECUPrice, Eur
Valtra N series E6 3.3TDI 90-110HPBosch EDC17CV41-54 160
Valtra N series E5 4.4TDI 100-141hpBosch EDC7UC31/ACM DCU15 190
Valtra N series E6 4.4TDI 100-140HPBosch EDC17CV41 180
Valtra N series E6 4.9TDI 140-160HPBosch EDC17CV41-44 200
Valtra T series E4 6.6TDI 130-190hpBosch EEM2 150
Valtra T series E5 6.6TDI 155-190hpBosch EDC7UC31/ACM DCU15 200
Valtra T series E6 6.6TDI 155-190hpBosch EDC17CV41-54 200
Valtra T series E6 7.4TDI 190-270hpBosch EDC17C41-54 210
Valtra S series E5 8.4TDI 260-380hpBosch EDC7UC31/ACM DCU15 200
Valtra S series E6 8.4TDI 260-380hpBosch EDC17CV41-54 210

Any question will require full vehicle information and current DTC.