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We have 40 unique projects for Merlo. Each one include all kinds of Merlo custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Merlo make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Merlo (40) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

MerloTF38.103.6TDI117hp 2023Caterpillar A6E11904J-E36 CMT12556 6100517-003984kb
Merlo3373.6TDI116hp 2022Bosch MD1CC8787409D P1714_V723_X10 C5VI85D TCD36160kb
MerloTF-35.73.6TDI136hp / 545nm2022Bosch MD1CC8781714_ST5_V741_X11 C5VI100D 055542 TCD36144kb
MerloTF-42.73.6TDI101hp / 465nm2022Bosch MD1CC8785219886 C5VI74E V1740LD TCD36144kb
MerloTF38.103.6TDI143hp / 604nm2022Bosch MD1CC878C5VI105D V1740LD 5219905 TCD36144kb
MerloTF42.73.6TDI- 2022Bosch MD1CC8783233677000 VW740LD 055542 TCD36144kb
Merlo30.83.3TDI75hp 2021Denso DC1U276770-2880 5458B30 Y20WK4BCM1W0DC1U3984kb
Merlo35.73.6TDI136hp / 555nm2021Bosch MD1CC878C5VI100D P1714_V710_X9 VP740LD TCD36144kb
Merlo42.73.6TDI136hp 2021Bosch MD1CC878C5VI100D P1714_V710_X9 055542 TCD36144kb
Merlo42.73.6TDI143hp / 605nm2021Bosch MD1CC8781714_ST5_V741_X11 V1740LD 055542 TCD36144kb
MerloL-12403.6TDI116hp / 514nm2021Bosch MD1CC878C5VI85DA 1714_ST5_V741_X11 V1740LD TCD36160kb
MerloP50s3.6TDI116hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI85U 0281020172 1037519867 TCD34096kb
MerloRF3.6TDI122hp 2021Bosch MD1CS069P1738V524 5802245368 0545368192kb
MerloTF383.6TDI143hp / 604nm2021Bosch MD1CC8781714_ST5_V752_X14 C5VI105D 5219905 TCD36144kb
MerloTF45.114.5TDI170hp / 819nm2021Bosch EDC17CV415G8GJGK CVEJGDH8J2K 5112064096kb
MerloTF65.94.5TDI170hp 2021Bosch MD1CE101C51627384935 P1603 V4548192kb
Merlo35E4.1TDI- 2020Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI100U 04463427_V3_07 1204_290_290_0014096kb
MerloTF38.103.6TDI136hp 2020Bosch EDC17CV52TP6400B_100-0_2300 CFXI100 1204_281_281_0024096kb
Merlo40.163.6TDI- 2019Bosch EDC17CV521037503422 0281020172 519867 EEP64kb
Merlo40.16s3.6TDI116hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV52P802_631 TP6426B_085-0_2300 5198674096kb
Merlo42.73.6TDI136hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV52UA6420B 1204_271_281_003 CFXI100U TCD34096kb
MerloP503.6TDI116hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI85U 050051060072 1204_290_290_0014096kb
MerloTF424.1TDI136hp 2019Bosch EDC17CV52802_721_680_006 C4EI115B 5198674096kb
Merlo35.73.6TDI136hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI100A 1204_290_290_001 519867 TCD34096kb
Merlo35.73.6TDI136hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV5204463427 UE6420B TP6426B TCD31024kb
MerloP38.123.6TDI116hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI74U 1204_240_260_002 5198674096kb
MerloTF42.73.6TDI136hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV5212040240 TP6420B 021354 TCD34096kb
MerloTF42.74.1TDI136hp 2018Bosch EDC17CV52C4EI115B 1037519867P802 5198674096kb
Merlo32.63.8TDI100hp 2017Denso SH7058002757706150 1H16669953 N71CKB04V38TC-233-C V3800-CR1024kb
Merlo35.73.6TDI140hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV52050051060071 CFXI85U 1204_240_260_0024096kb
Merlo38.103.6TDI136hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV5210SW021354 TP6420B 0213544096kb
Merlo38.133.6TDI116hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV52050051060071 CFXI74U 1204_240_260_0021024kb
MerloTF38.103.6TDI136hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV52TP6420B CFXI100U UD6420B1024kb
MerloTF42.73.6TDI136hp / 440nm2017Bosch EDC17CV52TP6420B CFXI100U 20424024096kb
MerloTF50.84.5TDI170hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV411037511206 2CHP8C 5112064096kb
MerloP32.63.8TDI100hp 2016Denso SH7058002757702760 V3800-CR N719KB04V38MA 000101024kb
MerloP32.63.6TDI115hp 2016Bosch EDC17CV52CFXI85U 1204_240_260_002 0213544096kb
MerloTF3373.6TDI115hp 2016Bosch EDC17CV5204463544 2042901 TP6426B1024kb
MerloF50TD4.1TDI- 2015Bosch EDC17CV528026805 HVI6JYK 5198674096kb
MerloP40.7cs4.1TDI156hp 2014Bosch EDC17CV52050051060071 CFXI100U 1204_240_260_0024096kb
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