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We have 41 unique projects for Kobelco. Each one include all kinds of Kobelco custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Kobelco make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Kobelco (41) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

KobelcoSK55S2.2TDI38hp 2021Bosch EDC17CV54129C20-7400200 1R1797-1050000 5168062048kb
KobelcoSK-1403.0TDI106hp 2020Transtron 4Jxx4JJ1XDRA SH72544 983245712688kb
KobelcoSK-140ACM-3.0TDI117hp 2020Bosch EDC17C098983632640 I4J96210HD 5563221504kb
KobelcoSK-500LC10.5TDI368hp 2020Denso SH705889663-E3A60A 275770-6240 RY20YM58E6001024kb
KobelcoSK3507.7TDI270hp 2020Denso SH705889663-E4T10A J08EYD213 DA30YM9921001024kb
KobelcoSK350ACM-7.7TDI270hp 2020Bosch DCU1789550E0533 10SW043086P739V911 0738281504kb
KobelcoED160ACM-3.0TDI17hp 2019Bosch DCU17P740V962 I4J96211HD 5563221504kb
KobelcoED1603.0TDI117hp 2019Transtron 4Jxx4JJ1XDRA SH72544 983245712560kb
KobelcoSK-230ACM-5.1TDI166hp 2019Bosch DCU1710SW024538 P739V911 0727271504kb
KobelcoSK-500d10.5TDI368hp 2019Denso SH705889663-E3A62A 275770-6241 RYA0YM58E6101024kb
KobelcoSK1403.0TDI117hp 2019Transtron 4Jxx4JJ1XDRA SH72544 983245712560kb
KobelcoSK210ACM-5.1TDI160hp 2019Bosch DCU1789550E0165 89550E0165 0245381504kb
KobelcoSK2305.1TDI166hp / 2019nm2019Denso SH705889663-E2N83B 275770-5141 RTJ0YM66W1101024kb
KobelcoSK2355.1TDI166hp 2019Denso SH705889663-E2N80A 275770-5140 RT80YM66W1001024kb
KobelcoSK-170ACM-5.1TDI- 2018Bosch DCU1789550E0166 HCC9600015 0492111504kb
KobelcoSK-1705.1TDI127hp 2018Denso SH705889663-E3F02 275770-4532 RTD0YM66W0201024kb
KobelcoSK2105.1TDI160hp 2018Denso SH705889663-E3292 275770-4532 RTD0YM66W0201024kb
KobelcoSK2355.1TDI148hp 2018Denso SH705889663-E2N83A J05EUM124 RTJ0YM66W110 J05E1024kb
KobelcoSK235ACM-5.1TDI166hp 2018Bosch DCU1789550E0165 HCC9110010 5591181504kb
KobelcoSK270ACM-5.1TDI- 2018Bosch EDC17C011037559118 P739V864 559118 J051504kb
KobelcoSK2705.1TDI160hp 2018Denso SH7025889663-E2N80 275770-5140 RT80YM66W100 J05E1024kb
KobelcoSK3507.7TDI290hp 2018Denso SH705889663-E3831B 275770-5311 R9V0YM99N210 J08EV1024kb
KobelcoSK350ACM-7.7TDI290hp 2018Bosch EDC17C011037559118P739V864 89550E0165 0245381504kb
KobelcoSK-1605.1TDI112hp 2017Denso SH705889663-E3F02 275770-4532 RTD0YM66W0201024kb
KobelcoSK-2705.1TDI166hp 2017Denso SH705889663-E3A54B 275770-5141 RTJ0YM66W1101024kb
KobelcoSK1403.3TDI- 2017Bosch EDC17CV5432K8732100 P888V280 5186942048kb
KobelcoSK210LC5.1TDI166hp 2017Denso SH705889663-E3A51 J05EUM124 RT80YM66W0101024kb
KobelcoSK85MSR3.3TDI72hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV54129E30-7412000 P950V220 5168062048kb
KobelcoSKJ1705.1TDI122hp 2017Denso SH705889663-E3F03C 275770-5141 RTJ0YM66W1101024kb
KobelcoSK1253.3TDI109hp 2016Bosch EDC17CV54P895V320 21343004C01 5186942048kb
KobelcoSK1x3.0TDI95hp 2016Transtron 4Jxx3C4D5E5 4JJ1XDRA 983245711024kb
KobelcoSK210LC5.1TDI169hp 2016Denso SH705889663-E2N83A 275770-5141 RTJ0YM66W1101024kb
KobelcoSK235ACM-5.1TDI166hp 2016Bosch DCU17P739V911 89550E0166 0245381504kb
KobelcoSK500ACM-10.5TDI368hp 2016Bosch DCU1764D_SAMPLE HCC8640035 5591181504kb
KobelcoSK-350ACM-7.7TDI269hp 2015Bosch DCU171037539634 P739V862 5562621504kb
KobelcoSK-3507.7TDI269hp 2015Denso SH705889663-E1Q91 275770-3802 R9V0YM99N6001024kb
KobelcoSK1403.3TDI99hp 2015Bosch EDC17CV5432K8712102 P888V280 5186942048kb
KobelcoSK2105.1TDI166hp 2015Denso SH705989663-E1Q90D 275770-3801 R9M0YM99N0101536kb
KobelcoSK260LC5.1TDI178hp / 346nm2015Denso SH705889663-E3A41A 275770-4521 RT80YM66X0101024kb
KobelcoSK2105.1TDI166hp 2013Denso SH705889663-E2350B 275770-2121 RB70YM66H010 J05E1024kb
KobelcoSK2104.5TDI173hp 2012Bosch EDC7UC311037372294 0281020048 3806282048kb
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