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We have 44 unique projects for Kamaz. Each one include all kinds of Kamaz custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Kamaz make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Kamaz (44) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

Kamaz6511511.7TDI300hp / 1275nm2022Bosch EDC7UC315350-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_ON_EFU 986702V310_740.705-300-190618 5572048kb
KamazCompass3.8TDI168hp 2022Motorola/Cummins CM2220CDJXV79 05D038 KC10013.07 BJX3072kb
KamazCompass-52.2TDI116hp / 320nm2022Bosch MD1CC87840P355 0134477 P1968_V57105888kb
Kamaz549111.9TDI450hp / 2060nm2021Bosch MD1CE100B10SW051679 10D115D026 0866958192kb
KamazCompass2.2TDI530hp 2021Bosch MD1CC878S12933 P1968_V5710_CNT 0484906144kb
Kamaz549111.9TDI450hp 2020Bosch MD1CE10110SW051679 P1758V500 0866958192kb
Kamaz54x6.7TDI350hp 2020Motorola/Cummins CM2880FR92764 CI90012.01 BHG3072kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI293hp / 1087nm2020Motorola/Cummins CM288094043 BFR FX80023 053072kb
Kamaz652011.8TDI400hp / 1766nm2020ABIT M240 Rev-6.16520-4010010-60 L2945492 1426410 740.735-400832kb
Kamaz530826.7TDI293hp / 1087nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880FX80023.03 94043 BFR 1473473072kb
Kamaz536056.7TDI300hp / 1100nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM288094043 FX80023 033072kb
Kamaz65118.9TDI344hp / 1510nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880A05D089 FP95189 HP80043.01 BHG3072kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI- 2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880A94043 BFR FX80023 073072kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI293hp / 1087nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880FX80023.03 92446 BFR 14776813072kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI293hp / 1087nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880FX80023.03 BFR 940433072kb
Kamaz651176.7TDI293hp / 1087nm2019Motorola/Cummins CM2880BFR CM2880 FX80023 940433072kb
Kamaz432536.7TDI240hp 2018Motorola/Cummins CM288004D067 060811020453 FX80025.03 BFR3072kb
Kamaz535011.7TDI300hp / 1275nm2018Bosch EDC7UC315350-4010010-16_ON_FAN_OFF_EFU 986702V310_740 5578802048kb
Kamaz535011.7TDI300hp / 1275nm2018Bosch EDC7CU31705-300-020418 65115-4010010-16_OFF_FAN_OFF_EFU 5578802048kb
Kamaz549012.0TDI440hp / 2100nm2018Temic ZGS 0010134430240 B20S27 24B-57 OM457LA768kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI314hp / 1100nm2018Motorola/Cummins CM2350AFP92113 KP052714 DR90011.10 BDF4096kb
Kamaz65156.7TDI240hp / 960nm2018Motorola/Cummins CM28801473551 94045 FX80025.03 BFR3072kb
KamazE18256.7TDI250hp / 960nm2018Motorola/Cummins CM2880ABFR FX80025.05 940453072kb
Kamaz432536.7TDI- 2017Motorola/Cummins CM2150EBZ33B5 DUD808 FF80010.043072kb
Kamaz432556.7TDI242hp / 950nm2017Motorola/Cummins CM2150E56774 04D067 FF80010.04 BEU3072kb
Kamaz6511511.7TDI300hp / 1275nm2017Bosch EDC7CU3165115-4010010-16_ON_FAN_OFF_EFU 986702V310_740.705-300-190618 552048kb
Kamaz6511511.7TDI300hp / 1275nm2017Bosch EDC7CU31986702V310_740.705-300-020418 5578802048kb
Kamaz65115ISB6.7TDI305hp / 1100nm2016Motorola/Cummins CM2150C4988820 119185 AX90113_04 BAH2048kb
Kamaz6511711.7TDI300hp / 1290nm2016Bosch EDC7CU31986_310 986702V310_740.705-300-020418 5578802048kb
Kamaz740.7311.7TDI400hp / 1765nm2016Bosch EDC16CU3702v141_740.73-400-290812 6460-4010122-01 1037500324P7022048kb
Kamaz740.7511.7TDI440hp / 2059nm2016Bosch EDC16CU31702v141_740.75-440-290812 5460-4010142-01 5003241984kb
Kamaz65115ISB6.7TDI286hp / 980nm2015Motorola/Cummins CM21504988820 112845 AX90070.00 BAH2048kb
Kamaz65115ISF6.7TDI305hp / 1200nm2015Motorola/Cummins CM2150C4AX90113 080911150523 FP929943072kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI314hp / 1087nm2015Motorola/Cummins CM2150082711223805 DUD808 FP92522 BEU3072kb
Kamaz65116A46.7TDI298hp 2015Motorola/Cummins072414022610 CM2150E3076kb
Kamaz740.6311.7TDI400hp / 1765nm2015Bosch EDC7CU31702V141_740.63-400-290812 6460-4010122-01 5003242048kb
Kamaz740.7411.7TDI420hp / 1864nm2015Bosch EDC7CU31702v141_740.74-420-290812 5460-4010142-01 5003241984kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI314hp / 1187nm2014Motorola/Cummins CM2150EBZ33B5 DUD808 FP91533 BEU3072kb
Kamaz740.7311.7TDI400hp / 1765nm2014Bosch EDC7CU31702v141_740.73-400-290812 5460-4010142-01 5003242048kb
Kamaz651156.7TDI220hp 2012Motorola/Cummins CM2150EFF80009 CM2150E MPCH7FABC3113072kb
Kamaz6511511.7TDI298hp / 1097nm2012Motorola/Cummins CM2150EMPCH7FABC311 BZ33B53072kb
Kamaz6.7TDI340hp / 1500nm2008Motorola/Cummins CM2880BHG CI90012 HP80006 093072kb
Kamaz652011.7TDI280hp 2008Bosch MS6.140.62-280-A19062012 0281B03459 090RP7100-MS61 P528V40256kb
Kamaz40386.7TDI300hp / 1100nm2007Motorola/Cummins CM2150DUD808 FP91230 CJ90012.15 BBX2286kb
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