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Tuning files database Cadillac Stage-1-2-Eco DPF EGR SCR Adblue off

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We have 18 unique projects for Cadillac. Each one include all kinds of Cadillac custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Cadillac make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Cadillac (18) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

CadillacATS2.0Turbo276hp 2017Delco E8012650377 12672154 126733876144kb
CadillacCLS2.0T210hp 2015Saab Trionic T855565020 12788138 FC0G_C_FMEP_61_FIE_821024kb
CadillacSRX3.0i249hp 2015Delco E39A12661337 98789758 AI33AJ3072kb
CadillacSRX3.0271hp 2012Delco E39a12632286 12649005 G3060021 P033072kb
CadillacSRX3.0269hp / 330nm2011Delco E3912639706 12646229 126425393072kb
CadillacSRX3.0i269hp 2011Delco E3912637049 126385863072kb
CadillacSRX3.0i269hp 2011Delco E3912642539 12642542 126462293072kb
CadillacSRX3.0- 2010Delco3072kb
CadillacSRX30i269hp 2010Delco E3912642533 12642542 XTSRJB43072kb
CadillacCTS3.2- 2008Bosch0261S02653 3966682048kb
CadillacCTS3.6i258hp 2008Bosch ME9.612645953 0261S02360 3921852048kb
CadillacSRX3.6i258hp / 340nm2008Bosch ME9.60261209106 0261209361 3963942048kb
CadillacEscalade6.1i403hp 2007Delco E3812614103 31B531BD2048kb
CadillacEscalade6.2409hp 2007Delco E3812615535 12619347 126379222048kb
CadillacSRX4.6i325hp 2007Delco12593559 12605811 126180222048kb
CadillacCTS4.6i325hp 2005Delco0024800246 12607991 G1800C30100512kb
CadillacSRX4.6i235hp 2004Delco12594976 12595001 G180A61024kb
CadillacEscalade6.0 V8349hp 2002Delco DLDH12200411 90536737 E11B4C190199512kb
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