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We have 36 unique projects for BobCat. Each one include all kinds of BobCat custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if BobCat make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for BobCat (36) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

BobCatLS3.4TDI57hp 2022Delphi DCM3.70ULSMAPP_C222D11 0ULSMBFL_B200D02 UN0A01012048kb
BobCatE50Z1.8TDI42hp 2021Bosch EDC17C8721343004C01 P1789V721 057947 DM01VA4096kb
BobCatL853.4TDI135hp 2021Bosch EDC17C871789_7_2_1 MFV02_A03_V721_ECU 057947 DM034096kb
BobCatT5903.4TDI69hp 2021Bosch EDC17C8721343004C01 P1789V721 0579474096kb
BobCatS4501.8TDI50hp 2020Bosch EDC17C871789_7_2_1 P1789V721 057947 DM024096kb
BobCatTH7030ACM-3.4TDI100hp 2020Bosch DCU175589971346V 71346V440 5589971536kb
BobCatTH70303.4TDI101hp / 430nm2020Delphi DCM3.728302470 28377296 MEV00_B04_UNF53E DL032048kb
BobCatTL35.703.4TDI100hp 2020Delphi DCM3.7SCPSTDQT3 UN0A0101 UNF53E002560kb
BobCatE165C3.6TDI122hp / 500nm2019Caterpillar A6E112034823-05 CMT12556 6162315-003984kb
BobCatT36ACM-3.4TDI120hp 2019Bosch DCU175589971346V 1346V440 558997 DL031536kb
BobCatT363.4TDI120hp 2019Delphi DCM3.79016607890 1756197D02 UNF53E DL032560kb
BobCatT870ACM-3.4TDI100hp 2019Bosch DCU175589971346V 1346V440 5589971536kb
BobCatTH6030ACM-3.4TDI101hp 2019Bosch DCU175589971346V P1346_V440 558997 DL031536kb
BobCatTH60303.4TDI101hp 2019Delphi DCM3.728580380 28612545 UN0A0101 DL032560kb
BobCatTL9233.4TDI- 2019Bosch EDC17C871789_7_2_1 P1789V721 057947 DL034096kb
BobCatS770ACM-3.4TDI92hp 2018Bosch EDC17C015589971346V P1346_V440 558997 DL031536kb
BobCatS7703.4TDI92hp 2018Delphi DCM3.7EDL03-062509 SCPSTDQT3 UN0A0101 DL032688kb
BobCatSkidSteer-7703.4TDI92hp 2018Delphi DCM3.7APEDL03-003488 SCPSTDQT3 UNF53E002688kb
BobCatT4502.4TDI56hp / 225nm2018Delphi DCM3.7SCPSTDQT3 UN0A0101 UND51B002048kb
BobCatT5903.4TDI- 2018Bosch EDC17C87P1789V800 0579474096kb
BobCatT7503.8TDI- 2018Denso SH7058CE33CS 002757702590 1H22069952 V3800-CR1024kb
BobCatT7703.4TDI92hp 2018Delphi DCM3.75Z4X6L0 SCPSTDQT3 UN0B0200 DL032560kb
BobCatT770ACM-3.4TDI92hp 2018Bosch DCU17P1346_V430 EL02_A11_V430_DCU 545910 DL031536kb
BobCatT7703.4TDI92hp / 350nm2018Delphi DCM3.728302470 28377296 EL02_A08_UNF53E DL032048kb
BobCatT8703.4TDI100hp / 430nm2018Delphi DCM3.74F0909444AA SCPSTDQT3 UNF53E002048kb
BobCatT8703.4TDI102hp 2018Delphi DCM3.72858038028612545 928462469288 UN0A0101 DL032560kb
BobCatT870ACM-3.4TDI102hp 2018Bosch EDC17C015589971346V 1346V440 558997 DL031536kb
BobCatTF383.8TDI- 2018Denso SH7058002757702760 1H11369951 N719KB04V38MA V3800-CR1024kb
BobCatD34P3.4TDI92hp 2017Delphi DCM3.7ECM12TDI031 28580380 UNF53E002560kb
BobCatE853.2TDI66hp 2017Bosch EDC17CV54129E20-7403200 P950V192 5168062048kb
BobCatT750ACM-3.4TDI82hp 2016Bosch ECU1710375495381346V430 P1346_V440 549538 DL031536kb
BobCatT770ACM-3.4TDI92hp 2016Bosch DCU175589971346V P1346_V440 558997 DL031536kb
BobCatT8703.4TDI101hp / 370nm2016Delphi DCM3.728302470 28377296 LEL01_A08_UNF53E DL032048kb
BobCatTR381603.8TDI98hp 2016Denso SH7058002757704790 KA30N71DKB04V38TC-71D-M 39121-48020000001024kb
BobCatT7503.4TDI82hp / 320nm2015Delphi DCM3.72830247 028377296 UN0A0101 DL032048kb
BobCatTongYang3.4TDI- 2015Delphi DCM3.761286143613261587D01 SCPSTDQT3 UN0A0101 DL032048kb
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