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We have 54 unique projects for Lexus. Each one include all kinds of Lexus custom tuning solutions Stage-1-2-Eco and custom switch solutons for DPF / EGR / SCR off.
Our Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if Lexus make a several kinds with lower stock output - offer same gains as Stage-1 and more as Stage-2 or 3. Power adjustment made with our special software that draw a dyno plot before and after modification to get a higher accuracy and evident changes.
Any disabling DPF / EGR / SCR made with using of our unique software that separate required DTC from any ramdom sequence and leave all other to work as in stock.
If you have a special requirements for any file, we can develop your custom solution or review and update another one that has a mistakes.

Tuning files for Lexus (54) with Catalyst DPF EGR SCR disabling

LexusRX3002.0Turbo238hp / 350nm2021Denso Gen389663-48T90-A 8966348T90002048kb
LexusGX4604.6296hp 2020Denso Gen189663-6A300 89661-60J90 36A30000 URJ15992kb
LexusES2002.5200hp / 243nm2019Denso R7F701202 P5-UDS89663-33V20 89661-33Y80 8966333V20004096kb
LexusLX450d272hp / 650nm2019Denso89663-60U84 89661-60A02 360U8400992kb
LexusIS3002.0T249hp 2018Denso Gen289663-53Q52 89661-53U30 8966353Q52002048kb
LexusLX450d272hp / 650nm2018Denso Gen189663-60U82 89661-60A01 360U8200992kb
LexusNX3002.0T238hp / 350nm2018Denso P5-Can89663-78570 89661-78670 8966378570002048kb
LexusRX3002.0T238hp / 350nm2018Denso D76F0196F189663-48R90-A 88OC93-HOC93 89661-48T001536kb
LexusLX450d272hp / 650nm2017Denso Gen189663-60U81 89661-60A00 360U8100992kb
LexusRX200T238hp / 350nm2017Denso P589663-48R92 89663-48R80-A1536kb
LexusES200150hp 2016Denso89663-33R60-A1536kb
LexusLXTCU-450d272hp / 650nm2016Denso Gen189665-60B30 89661-60A00 560B3000368kb
LexusLX450d272hp / 650nm2016Denso89663-60U94 360U9400 89661-60A129992kb
LexusLX450d272hp / 650nm2016Denso Gen189663-60U80 89661-60A00 B926MK763992kb
LexusRX270188hp 2016Denso89663-48K00-A992kb
LexusRX-450h3.5 Hybrid263hp / 335nm2016Denso D76F0x Gen289663-48J71 2GRFXS 89661-48R501536kb
LexusLX600H5.0394hp 2015Denso89663-50G10992kb
LexusRX450H- 2015Denso89663-48D41992kb
LexusGS-450h3.5 Hybrid295hp / 368nm2014Denso89663-30L80-A736kb
LexusGS3503.5317hp 2014Denso89663-30W20-A 89661-30Y00 330W2000992kb
LexusIS250200hp 2014Denso89663-53K30-B 4GRFSE 53P10992kb
LexusLX570383hp 2014Denso89663-60P50992kb
LexusRX3503.5- 2014Denso 76F007089663-48D00-B 89661-48D80 348D0000992kb
LexusGS-450h3.5Hyb298hp 2013Denso Gen189663-30B10-A 89661-30D00 330B1000736kb
LexusGX460347hp 2013Denso89663-60E70-B992kb
LexusLX570367hp 2013Denso89663-60M50992kb
LexusLX570383hp 2013Denso89663-60P50 76F0070 89661-60U70992kb
LexusIS2.2TDI177hp / 400nm2012Denso Gen189663-53355 89661-53702 35335500768kb
LexusIS2502.5208hp / 252nm2012Denso 76F0038AGD89663-53D00 89661-53G50 353D0000736kb
LexusLX570367hp 2012Denso89663-60C34 89661-60G70992kb
LexusRX450H249hp / 317nm2012Denso NEC76F007089663-48B90-B 89661-48G10 348B9000992kb
LexusRx350276hp / 342nm2012Denso Gen189663-48681 34868100 89661-48A10736kb
LexusRx350277hp 2012Denso89663-48G50 RX703200992kb
LexusRX2702.7188hp / 252nm2012Denso Gen189663-48530-A 348530001024kb
LexusLS460380hp 2010Denso89663-50620992kb
LexusGS300- 2009Denso89663-30661736kb
LexusGS350306hp 2009Denso89663-30K40-A736kb
LexusGX460- 2009Denso89663-60E10-B992kb
LexusIS2502.5i215hp 2009Denso 76F0038AGD89663-53C72 89661-53G22 353C7100 4GRFSE736kb
LexusLX570367hp 2009Denso89663-60C35 89661-60G70992kb
LexusRX450H3.5i249hp 2009Denso89663-48C80-A 89663-48D60 348D6000 2GRFXE992kb
LexusGS350311hp / 380nm2008Denso 76F007089663-30S81 89661-30V10 2GRFSE992kb
LexusLX570367hp 2008Denso89663-60C31992kb
LexusGS300- 2007Denso89663-30C50736kb
LexusLS460385hp / 500nm2007Denso 76F007089663-50742 89661-50D81 350742001024kb
LexusLX570305hp 2007Denso89663-60C21 76F0070992kb
LexusGX470- 2006Denso 76F0038GD89663-60522 89661-60B41736kb
LexusLS460385hp 2006Denso Gen189663-50555 89661-50C05 35055500992kb
LexusRX400h- 2006Denso89663-48271496kb
LexusLX470270hp 2005Denso 76F0038GD89663-60521 89661-60B40736kb
LexusRX3303.3230hp 2005Denso89663-48461 89665-48141 34846100384kb
LexusLX470234hp / 434nm2003Denso 76F0004GD89663-60491 89661-60B31 36049100384kb
LexusRX330230hp 2003Denso89663-48181384kb
LexusLX470- 2002Denso89663-60422 36042200 89661-60A02384kb
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