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ACM - Aftertreatment Control Module reflash

For better control of exhaust work, some manufacturers use separate Aftertreatment Control Module (ACM). It plays main role to control AdBlue tank sensors, heaters, urea pumps, SCR injectors, DPF sensors, exhaust flaps and brakes.
So when any of that components will be broken - ACM starts showing a fault and force ECU to use a limp mode. That"s why this unit required to reflash and fix broken parts (DPF, SCR and sometime EGR sensors) or in some cases possible to disable whole unit in ECU (with lost all functions - including DEF level and exhaust brake).

So if required to make a full kit of disabling DPF SCR EGR - we can take off ACM and disable all of that work.

When required to reflash ACM

About half of our catalog offer 2nd unit reflash just for +20% of price. It required in several cases.
  When not possible to stop injection from ECU with DPF system - than reflash required to take off SCR pump and keep DPF working from ACM.
  Need to keep other ACM functions - SCR DEF level at dash or work of exhaust flaps.
  Not possible to make ACM off because it monitored by several units and dash show a fault messages (Bosch EDC7, TRW EMS2.3-2.4, some Transtron ECU and latest version of MB MCM2.1).
  Possible to solve main problems from ACM unit and ECU not readable (DAF 2022 ACM Cummins CM1881).

ACM types that supported to reflash: Bosch DCU15-17, Adem A4-A5, Motorola Cummins ACM CM2220-2350-1881, Denso ACM (Kubota, New Holland), Continental ACM (for Mercedes MCM2x / Volvo / Scania EEC3).

When not possible to reflash ACM

Some type of ACM not supported by tools, so we can"t read or write it. Most known cases :
Hyundai H1 2015+ / some versions of H350 can use supported DCU17
Fiat Ducato 2016+ MJ9D - all versions
DAF Delphi DMCI / ETC3 <2022 / 2022+ supported Cummins CM1881
Caterpillar - possible to reflash, but hard to get out from machine, easier to unplug

So if there DPF, than ACM off and 0 injection possible only with full kit disabling with DPF off.
Just SCR off in single ECU - not a full solution, keep some urea injection from ACM with all possible counters / messages.
ACM off should be performed at clear dash, when all faults from this unit erased or repaired. If not possible to clear - try to take off battery for 15-20min or use resistor on broken sensors.