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Engine Coders - custom ECU file service since 2005

In 2005 we started to work in Russia and just in several years cover most of regions by points of service. Wide network allow to test solutions in extreme conditions from -50 to +50C and collect common experience for all popular manufacturers of vehicles from Europe, Asia and USA.
Our approach differers from others - we offering exactly what required in tuning or any disabling and left other components working. So if you need SCR off, we leave DPF and EGR systems working with all related DTC. And If you need less to make - it will cost also less than full order.
Stage-1 tuning files - is usual gain for full-powered stock software. And if manufacturer makes several kinds with lower output - we offer them same gain as Stage-1 and more power as Stage-2 or 3.

Once we made a file - it should work any time long without issues, so we started to give an unbelievable guarantee up to 10 years! And we really can handle such high level of service - if there any error related to order, we will fix any issues with file, refund if problems not corrected with next updates.

Where do we learn all of that? Only by reading ECU documentation and comparing different software versions that made by factory engineers - who best of all knows how to work with their engines.

In 2010 started external file service for other countries, but it"s still was restricted due to internal domestic site. Next years get more offers to update or develop new solutions for cars / trucks / agriculture ECU and just in 2020 we started this project for automotive specialists worldwide.

Our latest work can be found in news line and how wide that used - on map below.

Our benefits

We working since 2005 and develop solutions for hundreds of unique cases.

  Wide range of supported vehicles - cars, trucks, agriculture, construction and other industrial machines.
  Long lasting guarantee up to 10 years.
  For precision tuning we develop a unique software that draw torque and power estimation to get higher accuracy result.
  For disablings we use our unique software that sort DTC from any random sequence and separate non / required list according to order.
  For payment we don"t use any VAT according to current jurisdiction and also provide invoices for TAX optimization.
  Support hours even at weekend : 6.00 ~ 16.00 UTC-0 as in terms of service.

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TEL (248) 4225 755 / FAX (248) 4225 991
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